This infographic was created by Brendan Sullivan (M.D. candidate, MArch) and Vibhu Krishna (M.D. candidate) with guidance from Dr. Benjamin Schwartz as part of the COVID-19 Student Service Corps (CSSC) Creative Communications team. The CSSC is a student movement supporting our health systems, their patients, and their workforce through service learning, volunteer projects, activism, and advocacy. It was founded by medical students at Columbia University in New York City.

Special thanks to our web-developer, our translation team, and our copyeditors:


Mathew Pustizzi


Matteo Galbusera, David Krause, Arianna Sullivan, Dr. Kenza Rahmouni, Qian Ma (M.D. candidate, Ph.D.), Da Meng (M.D. candidate, Ph.D.), Jonah Tischler (M.D. candidate), Chen Raviv, Flor de María Oliva, Sakura Ikeda (M.D. candidate), Reona Yamaguchi, (Ph.D.), Anđela Rončević (MFA), Yuan Tang, Kiera O'Brien, Asako Ushio, Catherine Sullivan


Dr. Tejas Sathe, Petra Lang O'Brien, Dr. Jonathan Xu, Dr. John Burton, Dr. Sangeeta Krishna, Dr. Jyoti Krishna, Brenna O'Brien